Primary Schools

R J Sanderson
Primary School Challenge

The Primary School Challenge is to encourage children to enter a 2km event and in doing so represent and gain points for their school. The School that achieves the greatest points tally will be awarded a $1000 cash prize thanks to our event partner R J Sanderson & Associates.

There is also a perpetual trophy for the school to display for 12 months. Entries are encouraged from any primary age children at any school. Locally, some schools offer enrolment days and provide opportunities for children to enter through the school. Details of schools that provide these options are detailed HERE.

The points system has been designed to encourage participation. Whilst some students may like to race the other entrants there are no prizes or additional points for those achieving the fastest times. Finisher times will be recorded however and children listed in results in finisher time order. The full rules of the competition are detailed below:

  • Every student finisher in the Primary School Challenge is awarded one “Finisher” point.
  • The total “Finisher” points for each school are divided by an enrolment factor to ensure a school of any size has an opportunity to win the major prize.  The formula for factoring works as follows:
    • Schools with up to 85 students – full points awarded,
    • Schools with 86 – 255 students – points times 85 divided by enrolments,
    • Schools with over 255 students – 1/3 points awarded.
    • The total after factoring will be known as “Enrolment” points.
    • The factoring will be based on actual student enrolment numbers on the first day of the new school year.
  • The school with the greatest tally of “Enrolment” points will be declared the winner.

Additional Rules:

  • Any child that does not run across the timing mats at the start line and / or the finish line will not be classified and will be ineligible for any points in this competition.
  • Any child that does not receive a time for crossing the start mat on the second lap will be recategorised after the event.
  • Parents or carers may accompany their child in this event, with conditions as follows:
    • Parents / carers must register and must wear a “P” bib for safety & identification reasons.
    • Parents / carers must pay a registration fee which covers their race bib, post-race refreshments, insurance, medical and other general costs.
    • Parents / carers will not receive an official finishing time, and are not eligible for any for school points.
  • Any child accompanied by a parent or carer will be required to start the event at the back of the pack for that applicable wave, thus allowing confident children to race at the front and to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • Primary School children who enter the 2km event may also enter a Community Team, but only if their parent / carer is also a member of the Community Team (entered in a longer event). Where children are not entered through the online system, it is the responsibility of team coordinators to notify event organisers of any children who are to be added to their community team.
    • Notification may take place via the contact form or other appropriate written form (eg email).
    • No new team additions for children already entered will be accepted after 22/2/2019.
    • A “Finisher” point will only be awarded if the entrant has listed their school in their entry submission.
  • Schools that agree to support the event with some format of in-school registrations will be listed HERE
    • Check with your school for full details, or contact us.
  • A presentation will be arranged to take place at the winning school within a couple of weeks of the event.

Worked Example:

  • Jones Primary has 226 enrolments on the first day of the school year.  Jones Primary has a total of 72 students who complete the 2km event at the Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs.  Jones is awarded points of 72 * 85 / 226 = 27.08 points.