Eight is great when it comes to family fun

A LOCAL family of eight has entered the 2016 Wangaratta Fun Run, eclipsing all family entries from previous years.

“Participants in the family range from two-years-old to 40-plus,” event director Justin Scholz said.

“In previous years we have had numerous families of five, but never a family with as many participants as this.”

Spearheaded by mum Lisa Dekeling, who has entered the half marathon, the rest of the family will all complete the 5km event.

“I think Shane (Hack) is probably the real leader,” Lisa said.

“He has a lot more experience and will be helping by pushing Ana (one-year-old) in the pram and walking and carrying Eli (four).”

The family is not new to running, having entered fun runs in the past.

However they have only recently started running again after some tragedy in the family.

“We (partner Shane and herself) started running after the birth of Eli, four years ago,” Lisa said.

“Primarily for me to lose baby weight and get fit again and also because running is free.

“However, the running didn’t stick.

“We were sidelined by Eli being born with a serious and life threatening heart defect, then having another baby and also bringing up teenagers.

“Eli changed our perspective on life in so many ways.

“We learnt to really value good health and learnt how much easier life is when a family has good health.

“We also learnt to value community and truly understand the positive impact volunteers have on society.”