Wangaratta Chronicle

Distance = 42.195km
Prize sponsors:

A picturesque, flat course consisting of bitumen sealed cycling path (approx 38km), residential sealed roads (approx 4km) and grass / gravel near the finish (approx 300m). There are no hills and just a few short undulations.  A very picturesque and scenic river and creek course.

Start time: 6:30am (Sunday 23/2/20)
Presentations: 11:00am
On day entries: No on-day entries are available.
Field limit: 500 participants
Cutoffs: 9:00am (2hr 30min 21.1km),
11:30am College St (5hr 40.3km).
Entrants may continue after cutoffs following normal pedestrian laws at their own risk. This will be strongly discouraged.
Aid Stations: 1.7km (CS), 4.4km (CV), 6.5km (CW), 8.7km (CK), 10.8km (CK), 13.0km (CW), 15.4km (CW), 16.2km (CV), 18.9km (CS), 21.1km (SL).

22.8km (CS), 25.5km (CV), 27.6km (CW), 29.8km (CK), 31.9km (CK), 34.1km (CW), 36.5km (CW), 37.3km (CV), 40.0km (CS), 42.2km (SL).

CS – College Street
CV – Creek View End
CW – Collyndale Wetlands
CK – Cusack Street
SL – (Start / Finish Area).

All aid stations except 21.1km will have Sports Drink, water and lollies.
21.1km will have water only.

Toilets: 0.0km (Start), 9.7km (Bachelors Green), 21.1km (Start), 31km (Bachelors Green), 42.2km (Finish)
Training plans: Click HERE
Results: Age Groups: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89
Prize categories: 18-39, 40+
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