Telstra Store Wangaratta
2km Primary School Aged

Telstra Store Wang Green
Distance = 2.0km
Start times: 9:45am – Racers (Sunday 23/2/20)*
10:00am – Chasers  (Sunday 23/2/20)*

  • The “Racers” wave is for children of all ages who want to race hard and challenge themselves to achieve their best.  No parents / carers are allowed to start in this wave.
  • The “Chasers” wave is for children of all ages and we encourage parent / carer participation and social completion of the event as a family.
  • All children in both waves will receive a customised medal at the finish and their official time will be published on the website. Times on the website will not be separated by wave, but will be separated by age.  Start wave will also be shown.
Presentations: The 2km event will be timed and all children will receive a finishers medal.  There will be no official placings or prizes for fastest finishers in this event.  All finisher times will be listed on the website.
On day entries: There are no on-day entries available.
Cutoffs: NIL. All children are encouraged to enter this event and walk or run. Participation is the key here and we would like to have up to 500 entrants in this event.
Aid Stations: Water will be available from cups at approximately 1.0km.
Notes: This event is for primary aged children only. Parents / carers can accompany their children but must still register and will be required to start with their children in the “Chases” wave.  Full details available on the Primary Schools page.
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