Event day program

Saturday 22 February 2020
10:00am New registrations & bib collection opens at:

Event Venue (north end of Norm Minns Complex).

Access via gates from Golf Links Lane.

2:00pm Pre-registrations and kit collection close.
Sunday 23 February 2020
6:00am On-day bib collection opens
6:30am Marathon start
6:45am Half Marathon start
7:00am 10km start
8:00am – Live entertainment commences
8:30am 5km start
8:45am * 10km presentations
9:15am * Half Marathon presentations
9:15am * 5km presentations (directly after HM presentations)
9:45am 2km Primary Challenge start for “Racers”
10:00am 2km Primary Challenge start for “Chasers”
11:00am * Marathon presentations