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Distance = 42.195km

A picturesque, flat course consisting of bitumen sealed cycling path (approx 38km), residential sealed roads (approx 4km) and grass / gravel near the finish (approx 300m). There are no hills and just a few short undulations.  A very picturesque and scenic river and creek course.


Start time: 7:00am (Sunday 19/03/23)
Presentations: 11:30am
On day entries: No on-day entries are available.
Field limit: No limits
Cutoffs: Under Review

9:30am (2hr 30min 21.1km),
12:00pm College St (5hr 40.3km).
Entrants may continue after cutoffs following normal pedestrian laws at their own risk. This will be strongly discouraged.

Aid Stations: 1.7km (CS), 4.4km (CV), 6.5km (CW), 8.7km (CK), 10.8km (CK), 13.0km (CW), 15.4km (CW), 16.2km (CV), 18.9km (CS), 21.1km (SL).

22.8km (CS), 25.5km (CV), 27.6km (CW), 29.8km (CK), 31.9km (CK), 34.1km (CW), 36.5km (CW), 37.3km (CV), 40.0km (CS), 42.2km (SL).

CS – College Street
CV – Creek View End
CW – Collyndale Wetlands
CK – Cusack Street
SL – (Start / Finish Area).

All aid stations will have water only.

Toilets: 0.0km (Start), 9.7km (Bachelors Green), 21.1km (Start), 31km (Bachelors Green), 42.2km (Finish)
Timing: Times will be available from the registration website approx 15 seconds after passing timing points
Results: Age Groups: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89
Prize categories: 18-39, 40+
~ Start at the rear of Norm Minns / Showground complex near the Magpies Football Clubrooms / Kennel and Obedience Dog Club.
~ Run out through the rear gates of the complex, across a 100m grass section and turn left onto the bitumen cycle path.
~ Follow the path North along the river until it terminates at College Street.
~ Cross College Street and Park Lane and continue on the cycling path on the north side of College Street until then turning right at Phillipson Street.
~ Stay on the right hand side of Phillipson Street, continue to the end of the road and turn left into Cambridge Drive.
~ Stay on the right side of Cambridge Drive and continue until turning right into Riverside Estate.
~ At the end of Riverside, turn left onto the sealed fitness path and follow as marked to Edwards Street / Yarrawonga Road.
~ Turn right on the sealed path and run to and across the road bridge near the golf course.
~ Continue along the path beside the golf club until directed to turn around.
~ Run back to the bridge, but rather than cross it, take the left fork and head down and under the bridge and onto the One Mile Creek path.
~ Follow the One Mile Creek path over a footbridge and past the back of Appin Park Primary School, turning left at the path intersection at that point.
~ Continue along and under the Phillipson Street, Rowan Street and Swan Street bridges.
~ Cross the footbridge and continue along the cycling path under the Roy Street, Railway and Tone Road bridges to arrive at Batchelors Green and public toilets.
~ Follow the path to the designated turn point just past Batchelors Green.
~ Return the same way, but after going past the Appin Park School, turn left onto the Collyndale Wetlands path for a lovely out and back.
~ When you return from that section, turn left and continue all the way back along the course to the Showgrounds (noting that after you come up from the Yarrawonga Rd bridge you do NOT do the golf club part again, but turn and immediately cross the bridge.
~ When you reach the Showgrounds, do NOT turn right onto the grass at the back of the complex, but continue along the river.
~ When you reach Evans Street turn immediately to your right and head into the showground complex.
~ Follow the internal roadway, then run back over the start line and complete a second lap.
~ When entering the Showgrounds at the end of the second lap, deviate onto the grass when indicated and run into across the grass and over the finish line.
~ Remember to smile!

Printable PDF map:

Link to interactive map: Click HERE

The entire 42.2km course has just 60m of elevation gain and loss
2020 course video below.

Photos from all over the course: